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  1. Come Away with Me

From the recording Michelle Rose

Have you ever been dumped by someone you love so very much?  All you can think about is that person and the memories you've made - and how much you need a vacation!  But you REALLY long to go on vacation with your ex.  That's what this song is about!  I hope you like it!  Rapping was by Try Bishop.  Lyrics were by Dr. Fink (from Prince's band, The Revolution), and it was composed and produced by Dr. Fink and Max Fink.  
Please check back for my music video that was filmed over the summer.  We played up the vacation part and have scenes that were filmed in Switzerland, France and several locations in Norway, including a hot tub scene on a ship that was north of the Arctic Circle!  Can't wait to share it when it comes out!   Please subscribe to my YouTube channel or my e-mail list so you can be notified when it's released!