Michelle's look and performance are both artistic and mesmerizing as she takes the viewer on a fun journey of devilish desire, love, and loss from start to finish. The song itself is both hauntingly beautiful as well as highly engaging to the listener ” - 'Ghosted' Music Video Review

Dreamachine International Film Festival

Michelle Rose

Multi-Genre Singer and Songwriter

Pop, Country, Jazz, Classical,

Adult Contemporary, Opera, R&B

Born in Minneapolis, less than a mile from the iconic Prince's childhood home, Michelle Rose is a multi-genre singer and songwriter.  She is proud to have collaborated on several songs with Dr. Fink, from Prince's own band, The Revolution. 

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Songwriting.

Michelle Rose especially enjoys writing songs that have a strong story or message.  Additionally, she loves planning every detail of her high-concept music videos, which she also directs.   Many of her songs and music videos have won awards or nominations in both national and international competitions.    

An avid volunteer, Michelle Rose has donated more than 2500 hours of community service to organizations or causes that have touched her heart.  


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