1. Mirage

I began writing the lyrics for this song when I was a high school senior.  Dr. Fink helped me polish them, and he did the music and production.  
It's meant to have a creepy vibe.  It's all about a guy who lead me to believe that he and the relationship were amazing--only to find out it was just a mirage and that the great guy I thought I had didn't really exist.  Please check out my music video for the song!
Please check out the music video we did for this song.  I wanted it to be more of a fall-themed video, but the skies decided to snow for the first time that autumn just when we began to film.  It was a mere twenty-two degrees (!!!) when we did the outdoor scenes.  I kept having to go into the car to warm up, and the shivers you see me do were real!
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I hope you like the song!